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HypoThyroid Treatment In Houston

by Walter K. Crooks


Hypothyroid Workshop Exposes Cover-Up!


Learn The Secrets Of Successful Hypothyroid Treatment:

  • The 7 patterns of thyroid imbalance that cause hypothyroid symptoms
  • The one food that could be making your thyroid problem worse
  • The 3 lab tests that your doctor never runs, but probably should
  • What the brain has to do with your hypothyroid
  • The role that stress plays in relation to hypothyroid function
  • How female hormones interact with your thyroid hormones, and how to help yourself overcome PMS and/or hot flashes

The Houston Thyroid Doctor Will Explain…

  • Why Some Thyroid Conditions Are Reversible!
  • New Advancements In Thyroid Treatment!
  • Why You May Not Need As Much Medication From Your Houston Hypothyroid Doctor!
  • The Different Types Of Thyroid Conditions And Their Symptoms!
  • New Testing For Thyroid Disorders and Hypothyroid Treatment!
  • How To Determine If Your Houston Thyroid Doctor Is Doing Everything Possible With Their Houston Thyroid Treatment (Most Are Not)!

The Most Common Reasons People Get Hypothyroid Problems!

Isn’t it time for you to get real answers about what is going on with your hypothyroid?  My information packed low thyroid workshop will touch on every aspect of thyroid treatment and Low Thyroid dysfunction. Frustrated Thyroid Disease If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired sign up for our free workshop.  You have nothing to lose and the information you will receive is the newest research out.

Quit putting your head in the sand and hoping for some change in your doctor’s hypothyroid treatment…. Watch these hypothyroid patients testimonials that will empower you and allow you to take change your health!

If you continue doing what you have been doing, receiving the same treatments you have always gotten and think that things are just going to magically change one day, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but….They WON’T!

One definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over yet expecting different results….. Don’t be insane!

I will bet my very last penny that if you keep going through the same thyroid treatment programs getting the same results from the same cookie cutter treatment as every other deminshed thyroid function patient, for a thyroid condition that can go wrong in over 25 different pathways.

Did you know that the Thyroid Replacement Hormone (TRH) medication you are taking (example: Synthroid) only works for Primary Hypothyroidism?

Giving TRH to someone with any of the other 24 thyroid misfires along the production and metabolism chain does nothing but allow for you to continue to deteriorate, making you feel as if you are “OUT OF ORDER”!

Find out how Dr. Walter K. Crooks has helped people in their quest to regain their health.  Learn what you can do about your Hypothyroid problem. Listen to these past low thyroid patients tell of their success under the guidance of Dr. Crooks.

Click HERE to Call And Set An Appointment For A Hypothyroid Workshop: 281-812-8101